High Performance Low Cost Controller for Rotating Cutters and Printing Rolls

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The CT340 control unit is predestined to control rotary cross-cutters as well as rotating pressure, punching or sealing rolls. These are used for cutting or processing endless materials, if these can not be stopped during the process. This control is particularly impressive because of its extremely short loop time, which ensures maximum dynamics and allows high-precision cuts even during speed changes. Intelligent calculation algorithms, a maximum cutting performance as well as highest precision while at the same time protecting the mechanical components are the main advantages of this controller. The device has a 14-bit analog output (V / mA), 4 programmable limit values ??/ transistor outputs and a serial RS232 interface.

The cutting length is entered via the keyboard on the CT340. The device is housed in a standard housing and is intended for installation in panel panels with 96 x 48 x 140 mm (3.78 x 1.89 x 5.51″).

Single Axis Position Controller
Technical Specification:
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