Universal motion controller for applications up to 2 axes

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The MC800 hardware is a universal motion controller, which serves for sophisticated control tasks in today’s machine engineering and drive technology. This motion controller can cover a wide application range due to the function features and settings of the equipped control firmware.
Typical control applications are e. g. drive synchronization of a master and slave axis, index and print mark evaluation, rotating cross cutters, flying and eccentric shears, label printing machines and many more.
The unique feature of the MC800 is the integrated tandem drive controller. This enables to reach the acceleration requirements of heavy loads by splitting the necessary power to two independent drives.
Further features are the flexible and combinable input configuration for different types of encoders, measuring systems and sensors, the high frequency range up to 2 MHz and the adaptive interface architecture.
Due to an extremely short position loop time of 250 µs, a self-optimizing polynomial motion profile, an excellent accuracy – even at high line speeds, the MC800 ensures a very smooth motion with maximum protection of the mechanical parts.

Technical Specification:
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