High Performance Low Cost Controller for Control Tasks with Flying Shears and Saws

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The PS641 programmable single-axis positioning controller, like the variant PS340, has a very short lag control as well as intelligent calculation algorithms. These ensure the highest precision in all single-axis applications with electrical or hydraulic 4-Q actuators with a ±10 V setpoint input. Further features are a super-smooth run with maximum protection of the mechanics by means of a self-optimizing polynomial movement profile, as well as different operating modes, eg for absolute and relative positions (chain dimension) or grinding operation.

Compared to the PS340 the PS641 is delivered in a larger standard housing (outside dimensions 96 x 96 x 140 mm / 3.78. x 3.78 x 5.51″). Thanks to its larger design, this control unit also has 4 potential-free changeover relay outputs as well as a BCD decade switch on the front for the direct specification of the chain dimension.

Single Axis Position Controller
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